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eix is a tool for the Gentoo Linux portage system. It uses indexing to allow quick searches through the package tree.

Some reasons for using eix:

We got some screenshots and ebuilds if you want to take a look.

eix is in the portage tree, so you can simply install it with emerge eix.

The most current version of eix is always available as "trunk" in the eix svn repository. To get this version, emerge dev-util/subversion (with webdav, i.e. with the nowebdav use-flag disabled) and then use the command

svn co

If we attracted your interest, there is also a trac-page with a more complete descripton, help and other things. For bugreports, please use the gentoo bug system. If you want to reach the current maintainer, please use email. Since we are hosted by sourceforge, here is the link to out Project homepage at

Latest News (May 19, 2007)

Best regards .. your code monkeys :)

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